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Wet Washing 


Our proprietary Biomass Washer removes contraries from raw materials used in manufacturing Bioethanol, pulp & paper, and food grade pulp. The patented system enables high yield recovery for raw materials such as Bagasse, Wheat Straw, Rice Straw, Sarkanda, Cotton Stalk, Corn Stalk, Corn Cobbs, Wood Chips:

  • Efficiently removes 85% to 92% of foreign substances, including sand, mud, stones, adherent silica, chlorides, ash, soluble salts, gums, etc.

  • Enables timely and automatic removal of contraries.

  • Ensures less freshwater consumption by cleaning and reusing most of the spent water.

The depithed or dedusted fiber is  washed in a wet washing system that typically consists of the 

​Twin Turbo / Biomass Washer, Aquaseparator, Screw Press (optional), Grit classifier, and DSM Screen

It may also have other equipment to recycle the water like a Sand and Pith Filter or a Clarifier.

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