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Chemical Recovery

Agro's Chemical Recovery system comprises three main parts. 

  • Multiple Effect Evaporators

  • Low Temperature Incinerator

  • Recaustizing System and Lime Calciner​

Black liquor is a spent liquor from the pulping process comprising both inorganics and organics.  The liquor is first concentrated in a multiple effect evaporator and then incinerated in Low Temperature Incinerator (LTI).  The LTI system is underpinned by Fluidized Bed technology that burns the organics and recovers the inorganics as pellets.  In most cases, the inorganics are Sodium Carbonate pellets. These pellets can either be converted into cooking chemicals or sold in the market place.

The recovered Sodium Carbonate from the LTI is reacted with lime to produce Sodium Hydroxide and Calcium Carbonate. The lime mud from the process is burnt in the lime calciner to recover CaO.


Agro partners with TechnipFMC for the Lime Calciner.

Low Temperature Incinerator


Lime Calciner

Multiple effect evaporator and LTI system at project site in Kenya
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