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Flash Dry System/Paper Machine

The Flash Dry System allows the pulp to be dried and baled so that it can be sold as market pulp.  It comprises the following:

  • Wet lap system

  • Flash Dry System

  • Baling Line

The Wet Lap system reduces the pulp moisture to 55-60% and sends it to the Flash Dry system to dry the pulp to less than 10% moisture.  The dried pulp is then squeezed in a slab press to form bales and then wrapped for storage or transportation.

Agro also designs and supplies Paper Machines for various end uses leveraging tie ups with exclusive partners.  The engineering and design is customized for various end uses from container board, printing and writing to tissue and specialty papers.  Agro also has deep expertise in coating paper with special surfaces and barriers.  The coating technology employs eco friendly chemicals and the product is recyclable.

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