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Agro Pulping is a leading global provider of Clean Pulp and Clean Energy Technology solutions. Underpinned by our proprietary Clean Pulp and Energy Platform, our innovative solutions help you transform processes and create value while meeting your sustainability goals.

Agro Pulping was established in 1991 as a fabrication unit focused on making pulp and paper from agricultural waste like sugarcane bagasse. Over the last three decades, we've rapidly grown our single product offering of Depithers into a wide-ranging portfolio of technology and systems for making Clean Pulp. Our proprietary systems for fiber preparation, wet washing and pretreatment are empowering businesses around the world to explore commercial scale plants.  Our extensive expertise combined with our ability to drive down costs makes us a one-of-a-kind player in this arena - we've executed over 200 projects in 15 countries.

Expanding our global footprint

In 2010, Agro made a strategic move to become a turn key provider of pulping systems - from engineering, equipment and electrical to civil, instrumentation and erection.  The strategic shift began with the execution of four turn-key projects in India and subsequently expanded to other countries. With the growing focus on markets outside India, we completed multiple projects in Kenya, Ethiopia and S. America.  We also set up an office in the US - Sim Agro Inc - to explore opportunities in non-wood pulping, renewable energy and biofuels. We have since worked with several technology companies in the biofuels space – briquetting, 2 G Ethanol, Biodiesel, etc. 

Pioneering sustainability

Together, Agro and Sim Agro Inc are pioneering projects in non-wood pulping, bioenergy and biofuels space across Asia, Africa and the Americas. With the growing emphasis on climate change, our non-wood pulping, renewable energy and biofuel systems offer a wide range of solutions to clients to meet their ESG goals. Several new projects are currently underway in the US as the demand for non-wood pulp continues to skyrocket, especially in the consumer products space - where companies are looking for sustainable alternatives for both products and packaging.

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