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Clean Pulp Platform

Agro offers a wide range of systems for non-wood pulping using raw materials like sugarcane bagasse, wheat straw, and other biomass.  Our Clean Pulp Platform ensures that systems are environmentally friendly and sustainable in the long run.

Agro introduced the Clean Pulp Platform in 1991 for pulping non-wood fibers. The proprietary platform prepares the fibers for washing and then pulps them to produce high quality pulp.  The resulting black liquor is addressed using semi-closed and closed pulp cycles. 

In the semi-closed cycle, the platform produces sodas ash pellets for the market, allowing the customer to reduce their capital costs.  Complete recovery using a Recaustizing and Lime Calciner system ensures lower operating costs.

The flexibility offered by the platform is unmatched by any other capital intensive technologies currently available on the market.  The ROI for most project is 18-24 months.

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